People living with depression or anxiety related disorders can find great comfort in creative activity, and often find a route to recovery through engaging in the arts.

However you don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental health condition to come to our ’Art for Wellbeing’ sessions.

Our team of artists,tutors, and volunteers will support you to achieve your goals.

You can do silk painting, drawing, printmaking, claywork, photography and more.

"Art for Wellbeing" projects are currently "The Crafty Café"
"Colour Your Life".


Our Arts for Wellbeing programme is a powerful alternative to clinical and pharmaceutical treatments. We know it works. We see first hand the life-changing impact our projects have upon people’s wellbeing.

We believe that everyone can benefit from participation in creative activities. Modern lifestyles are all too often made up mostly of work and TV, leaving many people disconnected from thier creative selves. Art should be part of a healthy lifestyle. We think of it as ’jogging for the mind’.

Whether you have an interest in art or not you can benefit from our ’Art for Wellbeing’ program. You will get to try out new stuff and meet other people,, have a cuppa, a chat, and a giggle or two.

"I had never done any art before so I was very nervous at first, but now coming here is the high point of my week" John.

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