Person Centered

Because we respond to each individual's personal interests and needs, every person's experience with us is different and unique.

Our commitment to a truly person centred approach means participants feel respected, valued and empowered.


Added Value

We provide a listening service and our specially trained staff interact within a network of other local organisations to ensure that individuals have access to the necessary support and services needed to get people back on track and to enable them to live a fulfilled life.

Our Work

Arts for wellbeing background

RTProjects aims to improve the emotional wellbeing of people living in County Durham.

Our projects are developed in response to identified needs within our area.

1 in 3 people in the UK will experience poor mental health at some time during their lives.

Good mental health is essential in accessing the choices and support which enable us to live happy, healthy lives.

Evidence shows that taking part in regular, well designed creative activities can contribute towards emotional wellbieng and have significant mental health benefits.

Doing something creative, learning a new skill, developing friendships and having time for oneself are all recognised to contribute significantly to emotional wellbeing.

During their time with us people will experience:

- Improved mental health and wellbeing,

- Increased levels of social interaction,

- Increased self esteem

- Increased emotional resilience

- Increased feelings of independence

- Reduced feelings of isolation,

- Reduced reliance on clinical/pharmaceutical interventions,

- Increased skill level and number of practical skills.

RTProjects is a Registered Charity & Company Limited by Guarantee
Charity no 1141017
Company no 6868423

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