Creative activities can be used to increase self esteem and improve mental wellbeing.

'Make Your Mark' is designed to help people with learning disabilities to develop tools of self-expression and to enrich their experience of life.

A Make Your Mark session could include claywork, painting, sculpture, collage, puppet making, printing, photography, pastels, music and more.

The variety of activities is what makes this project so exciting and rewarding.

All Abilities

Living with a learning disability should not restrict the richness of an individual’s life experience.

’Make Your Mark’ provides people with learning disabilities with the tools of self-expression in order to enrich their experience of life. Art is a language and it can be used to unlock an individual’s emotional voice. By providing an emotionally safe space and a supportive ’family’ ethos, individuals are allowed to flourish and build self esteem and confidence.

This project encourages exploration of different media in order to identify ways in which individuals can best express themselves. The abilities of those taking part invariably surpasses expectations of those around them.

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